A selection of completed projects

Power Line Controls

IOT over power lines. A line of products developed at ARG to allow communications and control of lighting and equipment over existing power lines without the need for any new wires or wireless setup. This also  creates a secure airgapped private network decoupled from the internet or the cloud for security and reliability – especially useful for monitoring and control of critical infrastructure.

Automotive FOC Coolant Pump Controller

Complete electronics design and hardware abstraction layer firmware for a 20A, 12VDC automotive pump with field oriented controls based on the Infineon TLE series hybrid chipset

Wearable HR Sensor 

A custom board with three different processors; A 32-bit processor for precision timing measurements of the hear PPG signal, one processor to handle the sub milli-second solenoid firing and one 16-bit processor to handle the supervisory control – along with the associated firmware development in C.

Precision Gas Valve Controller Tester

A custom board for end-of-line testing of Gas valve controller boards. Included a microcontroller, custom Analog output and a USB port for PC connection. A c# program written for running on the PC to carry out the testing and generate test reports.

Proportional Gas Valve Controller 

Analog PID control of a low flow gas valve using a custom Parker flow sensor.

HVAC Air Quality Monitor

Custom designed sensor package for measuring 19 different air quality indicators in an easy to install IP68 enclosure with power line communications built in. Installed pilot projects in a high rise in Manhattan.

High fidelity Audio router for drive through order point systems

A custom 16-bit processor based audio routing board with an USB interface to a host PC for programmatically routing audio signals from various inputs (employee mic etc.) to select outputs (host audio in, order point speaker etc.)

Cryo device controller

A microchip PIC24 based controller and power board. The controller has a RFID module, a LTE CAT1 modem, Stepper controller, LED controller, thermistor inputs, fan speed controller and a touch screen display. Firmware (embedded C) and software (C#) were developed for closed loop control of a treatment cycle. Server side code was developed for remote diagnostics using the LTE modem and AWS servers.

Multi Axis Brushless motor controller

A Performance Motion Devices MC58420 chipset based 4-axis brushless motor controller with on-board amplifiers (4A@24VDC), solenoid valve drivers and RS485 communications with a unique daisy chain architecture for stringing multiple boards together. Developed for a automatic multi channel pipetting machine used in the life sciences industry

Smart Thermostat

A microchip PIC24 based thermostat with LoRA, WiFi,  Bluetooth Low Energy and e-ink display including enclosure and overlay design. Developed for EPRI for a California Energy  project.

WiFi Smart Plug

WiFi Smart Plug

A ATSAMD21 based load plug with Redpine RS9113 WiFi module and a 20A relay. Included custom metal stamping for contacts and injection molded enclosure

Radio Isotope detector

A novel radio isotope detector using multiple photomultiplier tubes, unique low noise high speed analog front end design, High speed ADC(2Gsps), Xilinx FPGA, microcontroller, motor control, display and usb communications for use with HPLC, UPLC and other high resolution liquid chromatography equipment

Bluetooth LE data loggers

A bluetooth low energy based data logger with optional RS232 link. Designed to interface to thermistors, pressure sensors or any SPI, RS232, I2C sensors. 

Precision metered 3-axis fluid dispensor

Three axes precision liquid dispensing platform for highly accurate nanoliter fluid dispensing into microplates. Included the design of a custom board consisting of three axis coordinated brushless motor control along with multiple external device control and a USB interface to a host computer

Multi-protocol ARM based linux base station for smart grid applications

ATSAM9x25 based linux base station with multiple network interfaces – Ethernet, WiFi, CAN, RS232, HomePlug, Zigbee, USNAP, Bluetooth LE – for smart grid applications

Bluetooth LE based pay-per-coulomb solar charger

A rugged outdoor solar charger with internal batter pack and bluetooth LE for on-the-go charging of cellphones and other electronics. The Bluetooth link is to to validate the user credentials and enable pay-per-coulomb functionality. Based on microchip PIC24 , TIBQ21491 charge controller and SPV1040 MPPT controller.

Multi input milli-watt energy harvester and LiFePo4 charger  

A unique design that harvest energy from multiple sources – solar, wind, thermal, tidal – and uses a MPPT based algorithm to charge a LiFePo4 battery. 

Tree micro relief scanner 

A field portable design for tree micro relief scanning. The design is a unique machine track that can be broken down into three pieces and set up easily in the field. Utilized a servo motor and a laser scanner, battery and a Bluetooth link to a laptop.

RFID space management device 

Developed for a space management application. Included a unique RFID antenna design, proximity sensor, a 16-bit microcontroller with firmware written in C and an Ethernet chipset for communications with a central gateway to transfer RFID and occupancy information for logging.

Rugged automotive rapid prototyping

A MPC5xx based ruggedized rapid prototyping platform for use with Matlab tools for automotive ECU algorithm development. Developed as a product line for a Tier 3 automotive supplier

Rugged automotive transmission controller

A C167 based ruggedized control unit for automotive transmission controller application developed for a Tier 2 transmission controller company

Fuel pump controller – 360VDC bus

A XC164 based high voltage (360VDC) fuel pump (brushless dc) controller. Used in a battery cooling application of an electric vehicle.

Dual axis brushless motor controller

A MC58220 (Performance Motion Devices chipset) based brushless motor controller and amplifier (48V@5A) developed for a liquid handling platform used in the life sciences company

Networked reservoir fill  controller

A PIC24 based controller for automated reservoir fill and monitoring used in the life sciences industry.

Automotive 16-bit ECU

A Renesas 16-bit automotive grade microcontroller based engine control unit. Developed for a tier 2 automotive controls company.

Rugged panel pc for automotive use

A fan less SBC with a touch screen for automotive use. Custom automotive grade power supply and IP68 enclosure for in-vehicle use

Vehicle gps tracker with ODBii interface and cellular modem

ODBii interface with cellular modem and a 16-bit microcontroller for fleet tracking applications

Custom PC104 box

A PC104 based box for use with Matlab/simulink. Developed for a medical device company for rapid prototyping of control algorithms developed in Simulink.

x86 PC104 Box 

An x86 based PC104 stack with custom interface boards for various applications in the area of automotive and industrial controls – specifically targeted towards rapid prototyping of control systems using Mathworks/ Simulink tools

Multi-Channel Pipettor

Included brushless motor controller, Linear motors with Renishaw encoders and custom electronics for a precision liquid handling instrument used in the life sciences industry

High speed micro array printer

High speed linear motor based platform for printing micro arrays on glass slides

Large robotic high throughput screening systems

custom high throughput screening systems for pharmaceutical drug screening consisting of an industrial six DOF robot arm on a linear track with multiple motion control systems and sensors

Smart wheelchair 

Developed as a research platform into the use of smart wheelchairs for toddlers with developmental impairments. Semi-autonomous with multi sensor fusion and a 32-bit controller with Linux OS.

Autonomous mobile vehicle controller

ARM7 based control board with .NET interface for an autonomous mobile vehicle platform along with complete mechanical design of the chassis including a holonomic drive train, brushless motor controls, sonar & IR sensors and WiFi

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