Mechanical Design & prototyping Services

Machine design from low cost stepper and belt drives to multi axis high performance brushless linear motor driven systems

Machine Design

  • Design of multi-axis gantry type systems used in laboratory and industrial automation
  • Stepper & belt drives to high speed brushless linear motor based machines with linear encoders
  • System calculations for motor selection based on payload and trajectory.
  • Kinematics and Dynamics for robotics
  • Motion simulation in SolidWorks

Enclosure Design

  • SolidWorks sheet metal design for electronics enclosures with attention to EMI/RFI mitigation
  • Plastics design and mold generation with SolidWorks plastics and mold tools
  • CAM generation with SolidWorks CAM
  • Quick turnaround prototypes using 3D printing and short run plastic molding

Prototyping & short run production

  • Network of board and contract manufacturing shops in Pennsylvania, California, China and India
  • Supply chain management
  • Bill-of-materials analysis for component sourcing and end-of-life issues
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