Electronics Design Services

Complete product level OR sub-system design involving boards, harnesses and enclosures for a turnkey embedded system using Altium & SolidWorks

Embedded Systems


  • Microchip/Atmel, Renesas, STMicro, ARM Cortex microcontrollers, Infineon motor control
  • Sensors, transducers, motor controllers, displays and communication protocols for custom embedded systems
  • In-house tool chains and debuggers along with years of custom IP are available for rapid systems development


Programmable Logic

  • Xilinx family of FPGAs, mixed signal SOC and CPLDs with toolchains
  • In house developed Verilog IP for customer use -(canOpen, RS232, SPI, digital FIR filters and many DSP blocks)
  • Mathworks / Simulink tool suite for generating Verilog code from Simulink models


Power Electronics

  • Brush, Brushless and stepper motor controller designs
  • Control architectures—FOC, sensorless bldc, phase advance, field weakening techniques —with in-house C source
  • Power stage design expertise— FETs and IGBTs up to 2KW
  • Motor control chipsets from PMD, Renesas, ST micro, International Rectifier

Sensors & transducers

  • Selection of proper sensors and transducers for various applications
  • Photo multiplier tubes, photo diodes, UV spectrometers for optical measurement and lab instrumentation
  • Signal conditioning with ADC signal path designs up to 6 Gsps
  • Sensor fusion techniques with in-house C source files


  • Pre-amplifier / Analog front end designs up to 2GHz
  • Multi-pole active filter designs and instrumentation signal conditioning


  • Short and long haul wireless communication links in the ISM band
  • WiFi, Bluetooth low energy, Zibgee, Zwave , RFID, GPS , GSM/LTE—using modules or SOCs
  • Digi xBee ecosystem, Nordic SOCs, uBlox modules, Telit SOCs


  • TCP/IP networking modules from Microchip, uBlox and ConnectOne
  • Mesh routing expertise with Bluetooth LE

Tool Chains:

  • Altium designer : schematic capture, Simulation, PCBlayout and Mechanical CAD interface
  • Solidworks Electrical & PCB
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